How We Work



Before we even begin building your website we need to know you. We need to know your company and the goals you have for your new website. Not all websites are created equal or have the same end game in mind. Does your website need to convert new customers to a service you provide? Perhaps you have a store front and are looking to take your products online.

The Planning Phase is when we will layout all the details of the project. We will set in writing the exact deliverables for each phase as well as discuss how we handle any changes to the project once started. 


Once we know you, and have gotten an understanding of your websites specific needs, we can begin the process of designing your website. 

For a Custom Design, we use what is known as Wire Framing to build a framed representation of the website. 

For a Template Design, we will search through our vast stock of prefabricated website templates for the one that will make your company shine.

This is the time to voice any concerns or ideas you have about the design of your new website. Once the design has been approved by you(the Client), no changes will be made to the design without a documented Change Request.



Content Gathering

The Content Gathering Phase is usually the most time strenuous phase. During this phase, the ball is in your hands. This is the time to gather all of the content(copy text, videos, and photos) and get it to us here at TFA Web Design. 

Our process doesn’t allow us to move forward with your project until all content has been received.


We have a design, we have content. Now it’s time to start coding. This is the phase where your new website is actually built. If we are building you a template site, this is the point that we will customize the template with your brand colors as well as images and copy text. 




While we do our best to ensure that we build everything right the first time, we are still human. Our Testing Phase is to go back through the entire project and look for those little areas that are just not quite right. 

During this phase we look for things like broken links, color mishaps, and ADA errors.


Deploy Live

It has been an adventure. While we try to keep things as painless as possible, we understand that there is no way to alleviate all the stress involved in undertaking a project of this caliber. It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. Your website is complete and ready to be shared with the world.